Lisa (Korea)

  • Nationality: Korean
  • Cup: C
  • Height: 162cm

Cup Size: C , Height: 162cm , Weight: 50kg ,a hottie came from Korea with a great girlfriend experience and lots of exclusive skills.

Lisa (Korea)

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  1. Jacob Anderson(from Google My Business)
    Jacob Anderson(from Google My Business) says:

    Recently under new management, the whole place has undergone a massive renovation. The staff are fantastic and the girls are even better.

    I was offered beer, soft drink, nuts, fruit and pretty much anything else I wanted.

    I went with Lisa who turned out to be a real find. She is ravishingly beautiful and provided an amazing experience.

    I will definitely be back for more. The new management has turned this massage place from very mediocre to one at the very top of my favorite shops to visit.

    One time I turned up and no one was available so I decided to come back. But before I left i indulged in some lovely refreshments provided by Jennifer who I would have to say is one of the most beautiful shop receptionists I have ever laid eyes on. And what makes her so great is her friendliness and great customer service.

    So do yourself a favor and get down to mascara.



  2. Johnny Lou (from Google My Business)
    Johnny Lou (from Google My Business) says:

    Mascara is now under new management and compared to the last guys whoever they were it’s like chalk and cheese.
    I turned up without a booking and was introduced to two girls. Went with the lovely Lisa.

    She has a figure to die for and a very pretty face if you find Asian women attractive as I do. I’m one of those guys you here about with the fever. And if you’re one of those guys too you cant go past Lisa and mascara.

    She has a beautiful way about her. With great enhanced frontal assets and a tight overall package. She’s not skinny which I tend not to go for but has all the proportion in the right places. Very nice tush particularly great if you’re a back alley man. Great to bang up against. Nice to grab.

    So I had my shower and dried off settling onto the nice firm mattress.
    She showered after me and once dried down began a nice cat bath. I was in full attention by now after enjoying watching her shower.

    A lot of the time cat baths can go on a little too long but Lisa didn’t hesitate when I offered a little gentle guidance towards the my middle area of business.

    I’m a bit over average size but Lisa seemed to know her way around the bigger size. She gave a really nice one. The right amount of attention in the right places. She responds very well to hand guidance.

    After that we had a bit of a kiss and cuddle, just light on because I don’t go for the tongue much.
    After some of that and some pretty nice feeling and squeezing on both our parts I indicated to the domitry and then straight into mission with her legs pinned up by the shoulders. Went at that for a while and she seemed to really enjoy herself.

    I then laid her on her side facing away from her and entered her from that direction. I love the ease of this position and went at that for a good fifteen minutes. I was really enjoying her noises and moans and I think I was a good size for her.

    After that we explored some other ways to get happy together and was all finished with just a good amount of time left to relax.

    With five minutes to spare I had a quick shower and was on my way.

    Highly recommend Lisa for a great time. She’s a good one. Also expect to be pampered by Jennifer or one of the other staff there with drinks and refreshments. Mascara is a place to go and relax and really be pampered. I most certainly will be back.
    Thanks for reading


  3. sleepyhollow1(From Aus99)
    sleepyhollow1(From Aus99) says:

    The new management of Mascara Club has made the place best beyond Taren Point Bridge. And I expect soon will be the best in southern Sydney.

    New reno and all the decoration in the room gets you in the mood instantly, they even prove pron while you doing it in the room, Double the exciment! After you have your sweaty excersise ther are drinks to serve your physical thirst!

    Enough of the club.

    Lisa is a Korean girl or ( half Chinese??). Pretty, slim at the right places, cute and attentive personality. Very confatibe first impression. The boobs are soft and natural. Pink and beautiful to look at. Possible a natural B-C. She open minded to French kiss DATY. And when she is in the mood. She will keep you going and going and going with all positions.

    I was exhuasted in the Half hour hardcore actions.

    Will definitely try 1 hr next time.

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    Lisa is a review that I should have written a long time ago, she’s alittle older than the other girls here, but her artisians skills in love making more than makes up for it. She’s insatiable in bed, this position now that position, didn’t slow down at all, just WOW.

    The other reviewers are spot on, thank you Lisa!


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